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Soul Purpose Coaching

Are you feeling stuck and without a purpose? Are you spiritually curious? Are you wanting to discover a deep connection to your mind, heart, and soul?

Do you want to discover a deep connection to your mind, heart and soul?

Do you feel like the odd one out and just want to step into your weirdness and truth? I want to help you activate from your heart to lead, direct and connect to your purpose with love. Using the dharma coaching principles (Dharma Coaching Institute) as a framework, I work holistically to allow the process to mould to you and your specific wants and needs. Sound exciting? Change takes time, and true transformation is to move beyond what you know and into something new, holding a greater possibility for yourself and your reality. As we work together, we will create a safe space of ease, flow and creativity to allow you to grow.

What is Soul Purpose Coaching/ Spiritual Life Coaching?

Soul Purpose Coaching also known as Dharma Coaching is a framework that focusses on uncovering and remembering your own unique gifts in life. You have so many natural talents and learned skills and sometimes they can be easy to miss or can be mistaken as “not special”. I’m here to remind you how truly special you are and how much you deserve to do the things that light your soul on fire. It’s never too late, it’s never too silly. Let’s start to create the most expansive version of yourself so that you can move forward and take your next steps with confidence and courage.

It’s ok if you feel like this version of you feels far away right now. Together we will speak to and begin to remember the person you want to be, by uncovering beliefs that may be blocking you from your full potential and find daily practices and tools which will help you expand your vision for yourself.


This programme aims to shift you from thinking with the mind to, knowing there are deeper levels of wisdom to be accessed through the body. Wisdom isn’t just knowledge learned mentally, its knowledge stored physically, that comes from your past experiences and your intuition. Have you ever just felt a knowing in your heart or your gut or somewhere in your body? A sensation that points you in the right direction, so you know the next best step or the next action? Even if that step is scary I want to help you trust it and take it. Your energy is unique to you, so let’s nurture your relationship between mind and body so you feel aligned, connected and ready to move forward with confidence.

Joy & creativity

This programme also aims to ease you into a space of joy and creativity. What did you always love to do as a child? What playful activity have you perhaps left behind? As adults, we can get stuck in all the things that we “should” be doing, but how would you feel if you prioritised more of what sparked joy and freedom? The Dharma coaching programme assists you in remembering what joy and lightness feels like and how to access it, be it and live on purpose.


This programme aims to move you to a more mindful place of being. Are you ruminating about the past? Are you worrying about the future? How would it feel to breathe into a place of presence in this moment? Your healing happens in the present, and when you look after yourself in the now you will create yourself a beautiful future. To manifest the future you want you need to match the vibration of what you want to achieve. To do this you first must accept and love exactly where you are in this moment and then take action towards your purpose. Action can be easeful, action can be fun and I want to find that balance with you.

“You really helped me when I was stuck and because of your knowledge of the theatre industry, I really knew that you understood what I was going through. I didn’t have to explain it all to you, you knew and could help. Thank you.”

anonymised client

Certified coach from the Dharma Coaching Institute

As a certified coach from the Dharma Coaching Institute, I work with clients using the combined wisdom and transformational power of holistic tools from a variety of Eastern and Western traditions, to help you discover your communication style with your body and how to begin to trust yourself more to make decisions that feel deeply rooted in intuition rather than logic. To do this, we will start nurture the relationship between mind and body so that they feel like they are connected and aligned. We will use a variety of the below systems and traditions:

Human Design

An astrological based system which gives you a blueprint on how to use your energy in decision making and directs you towards your purpose.

Somatics and Embodiment

Techniques to help you tap into your body wisdom and calm your nervous system.

Meditation and Visualisation

To become more mindful and aware of your present so that you may create and visualise your future.


Simple breath work techniques to help you regulate your nervous system and shift your energy.

The Chakra System

Working with the 7 main energy centres in the body to guide to towards your purpose.


Movements to create space in the body and connect with the mind.


Using this ancient science as a tool to tune into your work cycles and when best to take action, take time to dream and rest.

Energetics and Manifestation

Working with shifting your energy so that you feel worthy of your goals and dreams.

Building a spiritual routine/practice

Finding the practices that resonate with you that will support you in living your purpose.

Soul Purpose/ Spiritual Life Coaching isn’t a replacement for therapy but it is the perfect addition to therapy and other healing modalities. I look forward to working with you!