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Affordable Therapy and Training spaces for people who work with people.

“You really helped me when I was stuck and because of your knowledge of the theatre industry, I really knew that you understood what I was going through. I didn’t have to explain it all to you, you knew and could help. Thank you.”

anonymised client

The Journey (so far)…

Sarah Carcillo and I (who are both pictured on this page) initially set up The Centre for Mental Wellness as an online therapy hub to work alongside sites like, providing multidisciplinary care for your mental health.
Through the first year of the company, several events occurred showing us that the online space may not be the best place for us. Finding the Top Floor at Tower House was a remarkable coincidence, as a friend and I viewed it together but decided it wasn’t the right time to do something together. So, I moved The Centre for Mental Wellness there and began furnishing that most beautiful space.
This unified space provides a beautiful hub in Bideford for therapists, counsellors psychotherapists, manual therapists and healers who want a reasonably priced space to work with people.

Having already managed the UK’s first multidisciplinary voice clinic in Central London…

… I understand the process of sublets, having a beautiful and healing space, as well as creating a hub of practitioners who all align with a common philosophy.
The VOICE CARE CENTRE is still going strong and provides a clear example to me that even in Central London, where there are close to 12 million people, a unified space can work.

This bright and open space is perfect for the work I do. It has elevated my practise and provided somewhere that means my house can become a home again, and I can 'go to' work.